Judith Doughty

The future of disability services is here with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and director, Judith Doughty is excited about what is in store for Mercy Connect and the people who work in it or rely on it.

She said the NDIS was a welcome change that will bring terrific benefits to many people.

“The NDIS is a huge philosophical shift for the whole sector and is the biggest reform in Australia since the introduction of Medicare,’’ she said.

“Once settled it will really give people with a disability much greater control over their own lives.’’

She has seen many changes in the provision of services, having spent much of her working life in senior management roles in disability and aged care services.

And she has previously worked for Mercy Connect, spent several years working in the UK managing a team of case workers and was previously the Chief Executive Officer for Strathaven Aged Care in Bendigo.

She is presently co-owner of Dymocks Albury and is well known in the region as, The Book Lady.

With her breadth of experience across the service sector and small business she brings a passion for attracting people to Mercy Connect for the quality of what this organisation offers.

“We must identify what the organisation does well so that we can entice people to buy exactly what they want from us,’’ she said.

“All the people within the organisation genuinely want the people they work with to have the life they chose.

“I’m excited to be helping Mercy Connect build on the strength of all that it does well.

“I’m also keen to see the organisation continue to develop strong systems; essential in building a sturdy platform on which we can grow.

“And personally I enjoy being involved with the highly skilled Board members as a way of continuing my learning and being involved with the community.”