JobKeeper FAQ – Return of Forms


Friday 8 May 2020

Good afternoon all,

We are writing to you to encourage you to return the nomination form as attached (also sent to your personal and work email) (or at least an email to Rochelle today and follow up with the nomination form as soon as possible) to Rochelle Taylor ([email protected]) (Payroll Officer).

While the impacts of COVID-19 on Mercy Connect may not be obvious to some, a reduction of funding across SILS and day programs have already led to financial losses (turnover decrease of 22.12%). This is why Mercy Connect is eligible for the JobKeeper Scheme.

It is unknown how long COVID-19 will continue and the JobKeeper top up from the Australian Government aims to support businesses like ours to survive and ensure that jobs are maintained.

While this is not compulsory for employees to nominate, your support is welcomed and appreciated.


Q: My employer has asked me to nominate with them for JobKeeper. Do I have to do it? What happens if I don’t?
A: It is not compulsory to nominate Mercy Connect for JobKeeper. If you don’t nominate, we cannot receive the JobKeeper payment for you. If you usually earn less than $1,500 a fortnight, this means Mercy Connect will not increase your pay to at least $1,500 per fortnight (before tax), unlike for other employees who do nominate.

Q: I am still working and earn more than $1,500 per fortnight before tax. Will my pay change?
A: No. If you receive $1,500 or more in income per fortnight before tax, you will continue to receive your regular income according to your prevailing workplace arrangements. The JobKeeper Payment will assist Mercy Connect to continue operating by subsidising part of your income.

Q: I am still working or on paid leave and I earn less than $1,500 per fortnight before tax. How much will I receive?
A: If you receive less than $1,500 in income per fortnight before tax, Mercy Connect must pay you, at a minimum, $1,500 per fortnight before tax. Mercy Connect will continue to pay you you ordinary income according to your prevailing workplace arrangements and provide a ‘top-up’ so you receive $1,500 per fortnight before tax.

Q: I am receiving workers compensation. Am I eligible?
A: If you are still working – such as reduced hours – then you will be eligible to receive the JobKeeper Payment. However, if you are not currently working due to incapacity and you are being supported through workers’ compensation arrangements then you will not be eligible for the JobKeeper Payment.

Q: Will my employer pay superannuation on the JobKeeper Payment?
A: No. Superannuation guarantee payments are not required to be paid on any additional payment made because of the JobKeeper Payment.

Together we grow.

Trent Dean
Chief Executive Officer