Meals on Wheels



Mark is one of a few Mercy Connect participants that spend their time helping the local Meals on Wheels service. Mark loves visiting regular Meals on Wheels customers including sprightly and independent Jean Smith and her cat Molly Smith.  Mark is a very caring man and the Meals on Wheels customers think the world of him.

Recently, other Mercy Connect participants Bradley, Thomas and Michael attended the six monthly afternoon tea on the 19 June held by Meals on Wheels Coordinators Karen and Wilma.

It was an opportunity for the participants to visit the Meals on Wheels new office in Young Street, Albury and gave them an opportunity to put forward their suggestions or concerns regarding the service they have been involved with for the past six years. The participants also had the chance to have a chat and share with other community members who have also taken a meal to the elderly in the Albury, Lavington, Table Top and Thurgoona area.

It is great to see Mercy Connect participants engaging in the community and that the partnership with Meals on Wheels going strong over the past six years.

Bradley, Thomas and Michael are also joined by participants Mark and Rose and they work as a team to deliver the meals. Bradley ad Thomas work together to read out the names of the addresses they have to go to and what meals are included for that particular customer.

The Meals on Wheels team work a minimum of 3 days a week between 11am and 1pm, where sometimes they can deliver 14 meals on a run to 14 customers. The participants take the meals into the customer’s home, either placing it in their fridge or preparing it for the customer on their dining table. Quite often, our participants are the only person the customer sees so a lot of the time they sit down and have a chat and a cup of tea.

Participants gain skills in interacting with older members of the community, serving skills and develop a great knowledge of different areas of the Albury City. Participants also gain a boost to their self-esteem from the gratitude shown to them by the recipients and a corresponding boost to their self-confidence and self-belief in their ability to perform citizenship tasks valued by the wider community












Photos: Mark with Jean Smith and cat Molly Smith (top), Bradley chatting with Karen, the Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Michael sharing a coffee and cake with fellow volunteers and Thomas putting a suggestion in the suggestion box.