Open Night 2018



Mercy Connect opened their doors to families and the local community on Friday 28 September at their annual Open Night.

It was an opportunity to come and visit Mercy Connect and meet the particiapnts and staff who make the local organisation a wonderful place to be involved with.

For the first time the event was held at dusk (5pm-7pm) to attract more families and community members.

The participants were very excited during the day whilst setting up the event that included market stalls of handmade goodies all made by Mercy Connect participants. Stalls included craft, woodwork, planter boxes and seedlings.

Over 70 people enjoyed a performance by the Mercy Connect Wild Choir who performed an array of songs, followed by a stand-up comedy skit by Ian and a thank-you speech from Peter. Day programs including art space, Learning Centre and Catherine’s Corner showcased the work they have been producing throughout the year.

Outside, attendees got to enjoy a BBQ dinner and a bake sale from the onsite Bottlebrush Cafe. Whilst mingling and chatting with others, Mercy Connect participant Neville busked to raise funds for the farmers in drought. Event CEO Damian Lacey joined in the busking and had a go!
















Photos (L-R): Erina looking over work done by participants from Catherine’s Corner (top); Neville busking outside; CEO Damian giving busking a go;Wild Choir performing to the crowd; Peter, with the support of Damian, giving a thank-you speech to everyone who attended the event.