Rahamim host free workshops at Thurgoona head-quarters


On Monday 4 June, Jen and Ana from Rahamim Ecology Centre arrived at St. Johns, Thurgoona for a two day visit.

Rahamim is an environmental education, spirituality and advocacy ministry of ISMAPNG (Institute of the Sisters of Mercy Australia and Papa New Guinea). They are sharing their wealth of knowledge as we continue to explore the potential of our Down to Earth project to implement the seven sustainability principles of ISMAPNG.

Jen ran two free workshops on Monday afternoon to help Mercy Connect move forward on our path to sustainability.

The 2pm session was held for the Branching Out and Work crews to learn about composting and the 4pm session was held for any staff, participants and members of our Mercy Connect community to get involved in making sourdough and kombucha.

Jen is the Sustainability Educator at the Rahamim Ecology Centre based in Bathurst and is helping Mercy Connect to undertake more sustainable and environmental practices in our everyday work environment. Jen has been working with the team from Orange and Albury to implement a strategy that we can put in place for the next 10 years.

As part of the ISMAPNG there is a real push for a focus on sustainability, one that we as an organisation are embracing and really hope to move forward with. The partnership with Rahamim compliments this with plans being developed to become more self-sufficient.

Jen will work with us specifically to transform the areas of St. Johns and Catherine’s Corner where there is a push to develop organic vegetable gardens and sell the produce at the markets or even perhaps with a stall at St. Johns, harvesting seeds for and then growing local native seedlings to sell on, creating sensory gardens with some animal husbandry thrown in – think chook tractors!

Jen also had the opportunity to visit our Orange head-quarters back in February where they plan for an orchard and vegetable garden so they can follow their dream of being self-sustainable through providing fruit and vegetables for the outlets which will be fed with worm juice from their worm farm and chook poo from their chooks, passionfruit vines, herb gardens and in the not too distant future a sensory garden.








Photos: Mardi, Coral, Jenny and Naomi with Jen from Rahamim making sourdough and kombucha. Robbie, John and Dan making their compost heap. Top – Peter, Robbie and Dan with their finished compost heap.