Sensory program a success with participants


Mercy Connect Disability Support Worker, Christine, recently came up with the idea of a sensory program for the participants.

The program offers an afternoon of sensory activities designed to provide quite sensory stimulation. Participants are supported to relax and take in their surroundings with a calm mind set.

Participants are offered a range of activities that promote and stimulate their senses choosing a quite area to sit back and relax. All sensory activities are designed to promote relaxation through sensory stimulation.

Activities include a foot spa, sensory massage, aromatherapy, music, nail care and manicure.

In the future, it is hoped other options may include a massage chair, audio tapes of nature sounds and scented sprays with visual equipment such as optical fibres.











Photos: Bev having a hand massage with massage creams, Bradley using hand held massage globes, Elizabeth having a foot spa. Above – Chris having a foot spa.