Advocacy is about your voice being heard. Advocates assist you to know your rights and they work with you to seek a solution and a positive outcome.

An advocate can help when you:

  • want to change things in your life.
  • need help to talk to someone about your service.
  • are not being heard.

Advocates can:

  • provide information about your human rights and identify instances of discrimination.
  • help you to uphold your rights by speaking with and writing to people and organisations to raise awareness of problems and seek solutions.
  • help you to negotiate complaints processes or legal action to enforce your human rights.
  • write submissions and lobby government to make changes that promote and protect your rights.
  • campaign for social change by speaking to the media to raise awareness in situations where you are treated unfairly.

Our local advocate is: Regional Disability Advocacy Service (RDAS)

RDAS is a local not-for-profit organisation that provides free and independent advocacy and information. RDAS can assist you to find a service of your choice that meets your needs.

You can ask for help:

  • Call: 02 6056 2420
  • Email:
  • Visit: 132 Melbourne Road, Wodonga 3690 Victoria
  • Write: P.O Box 982, Wodonga, 3690 Victoria

More information can be found on the RDAS website.