Albury – COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Pop Up Clinic – 1st March 2022

1st March 2022 – COVID-19 Booster Vaccination (Pfizer) Pop-Up Clinic – 30 Bottlebrush St, Thurgoona, 1 March 2022

Further to recent communications, Aspen Medical will be conducting a Booster Vaccination Pop Up clinic for participants and staff.  Details are below:

Date: Tuesday 1 March
Time: From 9.00am
Venue: The Chapel, 30 Bottlebrush St, Thurgoona, NSW, 2640

Please note that only Pfizer vaccinations will be offered.  Also, the date and time may change at short notice.

Staff vaccinations: Please contact Jeanie Keeton by Wednesday 16 February to confirm your attendance and time.   Appointments will be booked at 15-minute intervals.

Please ensure completed consent forms are made available to Aspen staff on the day. 
Consent forms can be downloaded :

Please ensure:

  • Consent forms are printed out and ready to be handed to the Aspen team on arrival
  • Medicare number and index number is completed on each page.
  • Proof of first and second dose is required. The original consent form or the Medicare Immunisation record is suitable
  • Consent forms are to be signed by the individual, legal guardian, or power of attorney
  • All fields are complete and clearly legible
  • All pages are complete (including page 2)
  • Details in the consent form are cross-checked for allergies against patient records

Aspen Medical is offering Pfizer boosters to staff and participants who have completed a vaccination course of Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna. ATAGI now advises the routine interval between second dose and booster doses is 3 months.
Please inform us if you are experiencing any symptoms or if you have been requested to isolate prior to the clinic.

Aspen Medical has provided the following information for those who have had COVID-19.

  • There is currently no concrete guideline as to how long after a Covid infection one should receive a booster dose of the Covid19 vaccine.
  • Put plainly by ATAGI “People with SARS-CoV-2 infection can be vaccinated as soon as they have recovered from their acute illness.”
  • Some states, for e.g. NSW and Qld, have been recommending waiting 4-6 weeks after infection as there is an assumption there is some initial protection against re-infection within the first 28 days, whilst allowing recovery from the infection.
  • Note there is NO need to delay vaccination.
  • It is not yet clear how long any natural immunity might last for, re-infection can occur, and hence vaccination with a booster is strongly recommended.
  • If positive Covid test with symptoms – recommend vaccination as soon as fully recovered from illness & released from isolation, but can delay up to 4-6 weeks if desired knowing there is likely some initial protection against re-infection for 28 days as per NSW/Qld recommendations.
  • If positive Covid test without symptoms – we are recommending allowing a 14 days period from positive test to allow time to cover the incubation period of 14 days, as the patient may go on to develop symptoms within this time frame (and wouldn’t want to compound that with vaccine side effects). Noting this could also be bought forward on a case-by-case basis depending on a patients risk for reinfection (immunocompromised, significant comorbidities etc)
  • If a close contact & no positive test – can vaccinate as soon as released from isolation.
  • It is safe to vaccinate someone after they have had Covid-19 infection. See NCIRS

Together we grow.

Jessie Arney
Executive Leader People & Communication