Coronavirus Update – 11/02/22

Dear Families and Guardians,

Please find the following updates and information (correct at the time of this publication) on the current restrictions and requirements for Mercy Connect facilities. Whilst we enter the next phase of easing restrictions, I urge all participants, families and guardians to remain vigilant in adhering to social distancing practices, good hygiene and to stay at home if unwell or displaying symptoms.

The following update will cover:

  • Corporate Offices (Albury and Central West) Visitation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Day Program.
  • Facemasks and PPE.
  • Family communications.

Visitors to Corporate Offices (Albury and Central West)  

Corporate Offices at both locations will be open to visitors with the current provisions:

  • All visitors to complete a COVID Declaration. Completed declarations are to be submitted to Debbie White at
  • All staff and external visitors must continue to check-in using the Service NSW QR code, which is located at all Mercy Connect locations.
  • All visitors must provide valid proof of vaccination or exemption.
  • All visitors must follow current PPE requirements i.e., face masks to be worn at all times when indoors.


  • Two visitors aged 12 years and over plus 2 visitors under 12 years per resident per day.
  • All visitors over 12 must be fully vaccinated or have a valid exemption.
  • Residents are permitted to leave Mercy Connect owned / operated properties to exercise, recreational activities and to attend small family gatherings provided they adhere to restrictions in PHO order.
  • Residents are permitted to have overnight stays with families but require negative RAT to return home.
  • Residents shouldn’t leave the accommodation if they have COVID-19 symptoms until they have been tested and received a negative result.

Day Program  

  • Current Day Program to continue in smaller groups.

Facemasks and PPE 

Face masks are to be worn by staff and visitors:

  • In corporate offices.
  • For Day Program and accommodation supports during both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Additional PPE for personal care and other close contact personal activities but not general activities.
  • Participants who are able to, are to be encouraged to wear face masks when they leave their home.
  • When travelling in vehicles, participants who are able to, are to wear masks while travelling in the vehicle.

Family Contact 

A reminder that families / guardians who may have queries or are seeking an urgent response to an immediate matter, should only be contacting one nominated Mercy Connect Team Leader or Manager (i.e., contact should not be made with other Corporate Office / Administration staff). This will greatly assist everyone with managing such requests, so we can provide consistent responses without creating unnecessary duplication, or any additional confusion.

Mercy Connect family communications are also available on the Mercy Connect website

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us on 02 6043 3500 or

Together we grow.

Trent Dean
Chief Executive Officer