Coronavirus Update

I would like to thank all staff for their continued good work and vigilance with regards to the health and safety of each other and our participants.

As we have reached the end of the second week of our shut down period, we would like to advise that there will be some minor changes and relaxations to the PPE requirements for working in participant homes.

Effective immediately,

  • Staff must continue to wear masks with shields or eye protection at all times
  • Gowns are no longer required for general tasks
  • Gowns, gloves, masks and shields are required for times when staff are providing personal care activities (showering, toileting etc) and other activities requiring close personal contact
  • Cleaning and hand hygiene protocols must continue to be maintained

It is still important that staff remain vigilant with regards to both participant and personal health over the coming weeks.  If you are unwell, please:

  • do not attend work and,
  • obtain a Rapid Antigen or PCR test immediately.

Day program will continue to operate from the homes for one more week, with regular activities planned to commence from the 7th of February.

As always, I am sincerely grateful for the ongoing commitment and hard work our staff are demonstrating during this time.

Together we grow.

Caroline Cummins                                                                
Executive Leader Clinical Services