Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Good Afternoon

Please find the following information providing you with an update on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mandatory Vaccination
NSW Health has amended the Public Health Order (PHO) mandating vaccinations for aged care workers to include workers providing disability supports. The PHO directs that a worker or provider delivering disability services in person must not provide the services unless they:

  • Have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 9.00am on 25 October 2021.
  • Have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by 9.00am on 29 November 2021.
  • Have a medical contraindication certificate from a medical practitioner.

The direction also requires that a person responsible for a worker, or person providing disability services, take all reasonable steps to ensure that workers comply with the PHO.

This direction supersedes previous communications and dates set by Mercy Connect in regard to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy has been amended accordingly.

As a result of the PHO, Mercy Connect is authorised by law to collect and use COVID-19 Vaccination Information, in accordance with (PHO) made by the NSW Government under the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW).

Thank you to all those who have already provided a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination. The requirement to provide vaccination evidence also includes those who have received their first vaccination and waiting for their second.

If you have not already done so, please send evidence of your vaccination by Thursday 21 October 2021 to:
Rochelle Taylor, Payroll Officer
30 Bottlebrush St
Thurgoona NSW 2640
The following documents are acceptable vaccination evidence:

  • COVID-19 Digital Certificate.
  • Immunisation History Statement.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Card [for those who have received their first dose only].


  • All visitors aged 16 years and over must be fully vaccinated (or have a medical exemption).
  • Visitors must have proof of vaccination or a medical exemption which needs to be sighted before being permitted into the Office or Administration Areas.
  • All visitors must complete the Mercy Connect ‘COVID-19 Declaration’ form prior to entering our premises. All completed forms must be provided to Debbie White at

Face Masks
Face masks are required to be worn in NSW:

  • in an indoor area or premises other than a place of residence (this does not include Mercy Connect accommodation), or
  • in an indoor area on common property for residential premises (this does not include Mercy Connect accommodation), or
  • at a public transport waiting area or in a vehicle or vessel being used to provide:
    • a public transport service, or
  • when working at a hospitality venue and dealing directly with members of the public, or
  • on a domestic commercial aircraft, including when the aircraft is flying above NSW.

You can remove your face mask if you are:

  • eating or drinking
  • communicating with another person who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • at work, and
    • the nature of the work makes the wearing of a fitted face-covering risk to the person’s, or another persons’ health and safety,
    • where clear enunciation or visibility of your mouth is essential
    • where the work is in an indoor area and no other person is in the area
  • asked to remove your mask for identity purposes
  • in an emergency situation
  • providing goods and services and you need to remove your mask to provide those goods or services properly
  • doing exercise except in an indoor area as part of a gym class
  • at a correctional centre, place of custody, or hospital
  • a resident at an aged care facility
  • a guest in a hotel/motel room and in your room
  • in the process of getting married
  • working alone in an office (until another person enters).

You need to wear your face mask again as soon as the reason for taking it off has ended.

QR Code
All staff (and approved external visitors) must continue to check-in using the Service NSW QR code, which is located at all Mercy Connect locations.

Together we grow.

Trent Dean
Chief Executive Officer