Mercy Connect: Easter Message

Social distancing.

Whilst this has now become a commonly used phrase, it still remains an unusual concept, especially for our Mercy community.

The value of Hospitality is deeply woven into our DNA. It is within our Mercy heritage to reach out not only to those in need but also to one another, especially when times are tough, to offer a comfortable cup of tea and a helping hand.

Instead, over the past two years we have found ourselves locked-down, isolated, unable to gather freely, in the interests of safeguarding every person’s health.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially erupted in 2020, just in time to disrupt the season of Lent that year. However, Lent has always been a time of introspection of waiting and preparing for the Paschal mystery to unfold. Christians believe that the potential of this waiting is gloriously revealed in the end, with Christ’s rising and the promise of fullness of life.

So, as we continue to persevere during these strange and unsettling times, finding ourselves still forced to stay apart physically, we collectively wait and yearn.

However, we have remained creative about staying connected and reaching out to those in our community. Many have found practical, and meaningful, ways to bring uplift to those around them. This has even included the sharing of inspiration and humour through social media channels.

Through all of this, we will continue to find ways to make ourselves a merciful presence in the world.

As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection on this Easter Sunday, we believe that we, too, will find new life. With compassionate hearts and calm minds, we will come together to address whatever challenges present themselves.

And eventually, we will meet again face to face, without any limitation or restrictions. We will celebrate joyfully in the Mercy spirit, and we will be inspired by stories of generosity, selflessness and survival.

I wish everyone a very safe, blessed and restful Easter, and thank you all for your resilience, compassion and leadership, as we continue to support those in need to live fulfilled lives.

Together we grow.

Trent Dean
Chief Executive Officer