Operations Update: Structure Changes

2022 is an exciting year for Mercy Connect with the development of two new housing developments in the Albury Wodonga area.

As we continue to grow, it is important for us to structure our support teams in a way that ensures all participants receive consistent and supervised supports.

The introduction of the updated Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader roles has been largely successful in achieving this desired level of support and supervision.

With a new shared home and social hub constructed in Kambora Court, Lavington (NSW) and a new two bedroom shared home in Bell Street, Lavington (NSW), it has been confirmed that the existing leadership structure will be slightly adjusted.

The new shared home built in Kambora Court will share its roster, and leadership team, with the existing home located also in Kambora Court.

Oak House will now be rostered with the new shared house located at Bell Street (formerly the Learning Centre).  The residents across the two homes have similar support requirements, and the training and support provided will be very specific to participant needs.

In light of these changes, we will be recruiting for a new Team Leader for one of these groups.

The current Assistant Team Leaders for Oak (Jake Dicketts) and Kambora (Vanita Shannon) will remain unchanged, with a new Assistant Team Leader position to be advertised for the new Kambora Court home.

The support staff will also be shared between the rosters; we do expect that each home will maintain a core level of their existing staff.

It is proposed that these changes will take effect from 25th  of April, 2022.

There will also be a small change for Vickers 2/Rose House group with Kelly Dicks accepting the position of Team Leader for the group.  This means that we will be recruiting a new Team Leader for Vickers 1 and Wattle House. Kelly has been supporting both groups and will continue to do so until a replacement for Kelly is recruited.

There is no change to the Assistant Team Leaders (Janelle Grigg and Trudi Halamicek) who will continue to support these teams.

We firmly believe that these changes will further enhance our existing support levels.

If you have any questions with regards to the changes, please contact Gareth Evans – Operations Manager on 02 60610 404 or Felicity Lawes – Executive Leader Operations on 02 60610 420.

Together we grow.

Felicity Lawes
Executive Leader Operations