Reminder: Please complete our Annual Staff Survey

Thank you to those who have already completed the Mercy Connect Annual staff survey.

This is a reminder to please complete our Annual Staff survey if you haven’t already done so. All completed surveys provide us with valuable data that we can obtain direct, actionable insights into our workplace and service offerings.

The staff survey has been designed to find out what staff feel and think about specific matters that may be important to Mercy Connect’s purpose of supporting people in need to live fulfilled lives.

To complete the 2022 survey, refer below.

  • Please click on the survey monkey link which enables you to complete the survey either on a computer or your smartphone / tablet:
  • Make sure you enter as many comments as you can to improve the meaning of your responses.
  • If you have any difficulties, queries or concerns relating to this survey, email Harry Heath at
  • This survey will take about 20 minutes. Your answers, and the answers from as many staff as possible, are really important to the quality of the results.
  • This survey is about the overall organisation, not just the location where you mainly work.
  • Your survey responses are anonymous
  • Survey closing date – Friday 3 June, 5pm

2022 Survey
This year’s survey has been updated from previous surveys to include questions which will assist with tracking key demographics (consistent with the Australian Bureau of Statistics), against which Mercy Connect can obtain direct, actionable insights into our culture.

The data collected can also be used to guide further inquiry or stimulate changes for improvement. It can also provide useful data for comparison with previous and future surveys.  Furthermore, there are no right or wrong answers; honesty in all your responses is an important key to the value of the findings.

I look forward to providing you with feedback from the survey once when the results are in.

Together we grow.

Jessie Arney
Executive Leader People and Communication