For Families and Guardians

We recognise that the role of families and guardians is often essential in supporting people with disability to realise their goals and will include them in discussions about supports.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides a lot of information to ensure families and guardians are able to access supports in the community to assist them in their role.

Guardians and Nominees of people with disability play an important role in the NDIS to represent the interest of the person and they can contact the NDIS on behalf of the person.

What are nominees and guardians under the NDIS?

Nominees are appointed where requested by either the participant or where necessary. If there is already a guardianship arrangement in place there is a presumption that the guardian will be appointed the nominee.

The duty of the nominee is to ascertain the wishes of the participant and make decisions that maximise the personal and social wellbeing of the participant.

People who are in a formal caring role and acting on behalf of a person with disability are able to contact the NDIA on behalf of that person, if the person is unable to make contact themselves.

More information relating to nominees of people with disability can be found here. 

What you need to know about participant plans under the NDIS

Each participant will have an individualised plan that is tailored to their goals, personal circumstances and disability support needs. The types of supports that the NDIS may fund that may have direct or indirect benefits for you as a carer include:

  • Personal care to support an individual in their home or in the community.
  • Supports to assist people with disability to enjoy social and community interaction without relying solely on you.
  • Assistance with tasks of daily living, including help to improve a person’s ability to do things.
  • Supported employment services and help for people to move to work programs that prepare people with disability for work.
  • Training relating to the caring role that may enhance your ability to provide care.

Supports that maintain a carer’s health and wellbeing will also be considered. This support may include participation in a support group or a special interest network.

Family Supports

Families can play an important role in the lives of participants – both critical relationship and as a source of care and support. Some participants and families may need assistance to sustain these relationships. Participants may need additional support if their family and caring arrangements change.

Participants and their families will discuss their goals with the NDIA as part of their planning conversation. The participant’s plan will include the supports the Scheme will fund and any other supports participants and their families may require from the community services system.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please get in touch with us by calling 02 6043 3500 or emailing us at to speak with our team today.

You can also get in touch directly with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) by calling 1800 800 110 or by visiting the NDIS website.