Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination team assists you to live a fulfilled life by getting the best outcomes from your NDIS Plan

Through your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, you can choose your supports and which providers you work with. Our Support Coordinators can help you to navigate the NDIS, so that you can get as much value as possible from your NDIS plan.


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will decide if you need Support Coordination. They will also decide what level of support you might need. The NDIA is likely to approve Support Coordination if:

  • There are stages in your life where you lack confidence and need support to connect with your community.
  • There are times that make it difficult for you to participate in a meeting and make sense of the information.
  • You need assistance to make decisions, particularly in a crisis.

What do Support Coordinators do?

Mercy Connect’s experienced Support Coordinators work with you to plan your individual development goals and how you want to achieve them.

They can work with you to:

  • get your individual plan started.
  • find mainstream services such as education, health and employment.
  • ensure that you are effectively linked to services that you want and / or need.
  • develop skills and resilience.
  • achieve goals.
  • find appropriate disability housing.

They also do things such as:

  • help you to access your funding and the services available to you.
  • help you choose your preferred support options or providers.
  • negotiate your preferred services and prices, as well as develop service agreements and create service bookings with your preferred providers.
  • arrange any assessments required to determine the funding available to you.
  • help decide on a budget for each support type.
  • help you to understand your personal responsibility under the service agreements.
  • resolve problems or issues that arise and amend or end your service agreements.
  • help you get ready for a plan review.
What are the benefits of Support Coordination?

There are many benefits that come from Support Coordination services. At Mercy Connect, our Support Coordination team is here to help you achieve your individual goals and get as much value out of your NDIS plan as possible.

We enable you to:

  • maximise the value of money you receive from your supports.
  • genuinely exercise your choice and control.
  • successfully implement your individual plan.
  • increase your capacity to oversee and manage your own supports.
  • increase your opportunities to explore and connect with your community and alternative support options.
  • strengthen your informal support network, such as your family and friends.
Where is this service available and who can I contact?

Our Support Coordination services are based in Albury, NSW. Our qualified and experienced Support Coordinators have connections with many local services and will support you with what you need, to help you make the best choice.

If Support Coordination is in your NDIS plan, we would love to discuss your goals and what you’re looking for in a Support Coordinator. Please get in touch with us by calling 02 6043 3500 or emailing us at to speak with a Support Coordinator today.

Looking to switch providers?
If you are not satisfied with the service you are currently receiving, you can change to a different provider at any time. We can assist you with switching providers if you are interested in receiving your Support Coordination through Mercy Connect.

Is this service in my NDIS plan? / What is the NDIS Support Category?

Support Coordination is funded under Capacity Building – Support Coordination in your NDIS plan.