Mercy Connect Participant Satisfaction Survey

Mercy Connect Participant Satisfaction Survey – Ellen Staas (2019)

Customer satisfaction in the disability sector is a powerful predictor of a person’s lifestyle satisfaction and quality of life status. This is particularly relevant when people are engaged with an organisation with which they receive the majority of their services.

The 2019 Mercy Connect Participant Satisfaction Survey gave participants who receive services through the organisation a voice. It was the first time that a survey has been conducted by Mercy Connect completely from the point of view, and in the words, of the participant.

Often, the research in the past have not addressed multiple quality-of-life outcomes, rather it focuses on one aspect of a person’s life such as accommodation, material wellbeing, emotional wellbeing or social relationships. Most of the studies in the past relied mainly on informant based objective measures of a particular activity or benchmarks to assess peoples’ lived experiences arguing that observational measures of engagement in the meaningful activities and relationships are good proxy measures for many quality of life domains.

This study is different. The 2019 Mercy Connect survey collected information using both qualitative and quantitative data sources through two parallel surveys, covering multiple subject domains, in order to gain a holistic assessment of the level of satisfaction the people who receive services with the organisation have.

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