Social & Community Participation

We’ll support you to try new things and get involved with your community

Our Social and Community Participation services support you to develop your skills and become more actively involved in the community. It’s about trying new things, finding a new activity that you enjoy and meeting new people.

The choice is yours. Whatever you want to do, we are here to support you every step of the way.

What we offer

Receiving Social and Community Participation services from Mercy Connect is an opportunity to develop your independence and social skills.

We have over 35 different programs each week in our Day Program services, giving you the chance to pick and choose which ones you are most interested in participating in. From arts and crafts, cooking, local excursions and Branching Out (garden maintenance, cleaning), there is something for everyone at Mercy Connect.

Where is this service available and who can I contact?

Our Social and Community Participation services are based in Albury and Central West, NSW. Our qualified and experienced Operations team will support you with what you need to make the best choice for you.

If Social and Community Participation is in your NDIS plan, we would love to how we can support you. Please get in touch with us by calling 02 6043 3500 or emailing us at to speak with our Intake Officer today.

Looking to switch providers?

If you are not satisfied with the service you are currently receiving, you can change to a different provider at any time. We can assist you with switching providers if you are interested in receiving your services through Mercy Connect.

Is this service in my NDIS? / What is the NDIS Support category?

Social and Community Participation is funded under Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation and Capacity Building – Increased Social & Community Participation in your NDIS plan.