Family & Guardian Update: New NDIA System ‘PACE’

Dear Families & Guardians

The NDIA is rolling out a new computer system called PACE, impacting how providers claim NDIS services and how you may engage with us as your provider. We are writing to share some key points related to PACE and ask for your kind support:

  1. What is PACE:PACE is the NDIA’s new customer relationship management (CRM) system, built by Salesforce to replace their existing software.
  2. Changes with PACE:
  • PACE rollout starts from Oct 30, 2023, and is expected to fully replace the existing system by Feb 2024.
  • The new PACE system, as well as the new My NDIS Provider Portal, will eventually replace NDIA’s current system and MyPlace Portal.
  1. NDIS Plan Impact:
  • Your existing plans will continue normally, and PACE will not impact your current NDIS plan dates.
  • There will be no funding amount changes to your existing NDIS plan.
  • Your existing plan’s format (in the old system) will remain unchanged until your new plan is in PACE.
  • New plans issued will use PACE format and will show new support categories names.
  • Your new plans will be visible in the PACE system with the new format.
  1. Providers and Consent:
  • You can continue with your existing providers under PACE.
  • If your plan is Agency-Managed: you can add providers as participant-endorsed “my provider” so they can access the funding for the service provided.
  • Certain stated support categories require category level endorsement as “my provider”.
  • If you have a support coordinator, they will need to be listed in the role of “Support Coordinator or Recovery Coach” under PACE.
  • If your plan is Plan-Managed: No need to record providers if you choose not to do so.
  • You can also share plan details selectively for better support.
  1. PACE Benefits:    
  • Category-level funding for flexibility.
  • Control over plan and services.
  • Streamlined processes for providers.
  1. How you can support us:

If you currently receive service from us, please kindly list Mercy Connect as “my provider” in your PACE Plan. If you receive SDA, SIL or behaviour support funding, please make sure you let NDIA know that Mercy Connect is “my provider” for the SDA, Home and Living, or Behavioural Supports categories (whichever is applicable) as these 3 new categories are stated supports.

If Mercy Connect is your Support Coordinator, please kindly let NDIA list us in the role of “Support Coordinator or Recovery Coach” under PACE.

In addition, to be able to support the PACE transition, when you talk with NDIS, you will need these details:

  • NDIS Phone: 1800 800 110
  • Mercy Connect’s NDIS Org ID: 405 000 3084
  • Mercy Connect’s ABN: 45 075 648 378

If you would like to know more about PACE and related my NDIS portal, please kindly access the following links:

NDIS – Information for NDIS providers about PACE and the new myNDIS provider portal

NDIS Improvements website

Please kindly email us on or call us on (02) 6043 3500 if you have any further queries regarding your specific PACE transition and “my provider” endorsement with Mercy Connect.

Together we grow.

Max Wang
Chief Financial Officer